Finally an update

Amagad I really need to update this blog more often. Every time I read other people’s blog I feel so inspired to update mine. Inspirations that are short lived pasal aku tak update-update juga. Its been a busy few months. Busy idling. Hehe. Busy being lazy. Ooohh that sounds better. Oh! Oh! Or busy living life. Yeah I could go on for hours (thinking of things to write and end up not writing anything at all)

OK. Sooo….

August is a month of many occasions; both my girls are August babes. On Emma’s birthday, I made her a birthday tiara made of foam. The best would of course be using felt paper, but Zufri just couldn’t be bothered to go to OU (Daiso sells them in lots of colours!). Foam is also acceptable, but it’s a bit warm. Mak Su made Emma some red velvet cupcakes because those are her favourite, and we drew some Hello Kitty on the icing. Yummy and pretty.

Aisha’s birthday pulak was on the 2nd day of raya. That was fun because everyone was around for cakes and bunga api. In true Hamzah family tradition, we didn’t have any round, huge cakes, but instead we bought cake slices from Secret Recipe. The kids then promptly started playing under the table. Seems that kids will always choose friends and company over sweet delicious cakes.

Raya this year was pretty calm and organized, we amazed ourselves! Usually malam raya tu masih lagi mengemas-ngemas rumah, jemur ketupat, keringkan rendang dan sebagainya. But this year, malam raya tu aku keluar pergi cuci rambut, OK. Cuci rambut! Amagad. Memang superb raya tahun ni. Brought only Aisha because Emma was too busy playing with her cousins. Emma tak nak ikut tau mummy, Emma nak duduk dengan Mak Yen. Okay, Princess. (She makes me call her Princess nowadays. Ikat kain kat pinggang sebagai skirt yang sangat panjang dan kembang, letak selendang atas kepala sebagai rambut yang panjang. Seperti Princess Rapunzel.)

Wish I had photos to share with you guys. Maybe later when I update on Emma and Aisha. Gotta get back to work.

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