Keeping to my resolution, so far. So I'm trying out this new blogging app, let's see if it's any good.

We had Shaqeel for the weekend while K Chy went outstation. It was nice to see Emma and Shaq and even Aisha bonding. Once I was at the kitchen, leaving the kids alone in the kids' room, then Aisha sorta cried. I yelled "Emma! Main dengan Aisha!". Usually she'd just follow my order. Today I heard her yell "Shaqeel! Main dengan Aisha!". Lepas tu dengar suara Shaqeel cakap-cakap dengan "Esha". Hehe the heirarchy has changed.

Haha really quick update. Happy Monday morning, everyone!


rawsktar said...

pergh emma.

MAYA said...

pandai tol budak emma nih.. hehe

Baby Shaq said...

Emma delegates well, huh.