Happy 2012 people! Haven't seen you guys for quite some time. I'm in a meeting right now, but aku sedang duduk tersandar sambil mengupdate blog muahahaha. Bergaduhlah you all. I'm doing this because of my resolution. Heh heh. I resolve to update my blog at least once a week, more frequently if time permits. Like today hahaha. Susah nak update because android app takde blogpress. Hehehe alasan. Among other resolutions are:- To spend less time indoors, watching TV and to spend more time appreciating nature chewah. Implemented last weekend whereby Aisha terbaring baring atas tilam kat luar rumah while aku jemur baju dan bercucuk tanam dan Emma bermain pasir. Lagi resolusi :- To run the half marathon in this year's KL Marathon. Berusahalah! Haven't started training yet.. Hmm.. Cook more often. With four mouths to feed, eating out everyday is not a viable option. Plus its healthier. Cooked in bulk on Monday and froze some. To be more patient. Especially with Emma. God, akal budak ni nowadays. I've had meltdowns I'm not proud of *cries* Final resolution :- submit my application to ISM. Muahahaha. 7 years gone. Major procastinator (sp). Fuih banyak juga azam tahun 2012. Marilah berusaha menjayakannya! Happy 2012 everyone!

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