Diriku terpanggil untuk mengemaskini blog. Apakah yang terkini? 3weeks ago Zufri turned 31 and we went away for the weekend to Bukit Tinggi. Wish we had stayed AT Bukit Tinggi itself, but no we stayed at Selesa Hillhomes. Pergi sana pun pasal Zufri ada 'tournament' golf haha. Air quotes adalah kerana it was organised among friends for friends haha. Then we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary 1 week later.

Didn't go anywhere fancy, just went to paradigm lepak kejap pasal Zufri lewat. Bawak Kiddos naik teksi. Emma was so excited and happy, she bragged to anyone who would listen. Dinner was at Las Vacas. Delicious food. Yummy company. The restaurant was practically empty so the kids could just run around and let us grown ups enjoy our food.

So this anniversary, Zufri bought me (or the house, rather) a sofa! Hahaha lame I know but I've been complaining for the longest time and I guess he just couldn't take it anymore. Anyway, sofas are so expensive! Rasa macam nak menangis cari sofa je. But we finally settled on this gorgeous and super comfy sofa from Ikea. Asked Emma, whaT did she think of it?

Sekejap eh mummy.

Dia pergi dekat arm rest tu, panjat dan slid down to the seat. Smiled and then said best.

A-ha! Macam tu rupanya cara pilih sofa!

One anniversary he gave us a water heater haha. Oh dear my husband is so practical.

Malam ni asyik hujan kan? Selesanya tidur berselubung comforter. See you guys soon.


ddfirdaus said...

Happy anniversary..teringat la 5 taun dulu aku miss ko n mar punye wedding kan?? Blame my job..hehe

HaNiE said...

boleh la kanak2 riang main sliding sofa baru mamu pasni, hehe.. happy anni guys!!