Butterfly Wings

This is a crazily backdated post, which I think happened in May 2012. Sila.

Emma’s been bugging me to buy her a pair of butterfly wings from Cotton On at Paradigm Mall. Ewah nak selitkan yang akak dah pergi ke sana, ada a lot of comments on the place. Nanti aku komen. So last night on a whim ewah on a whim (jakun oi) kami pun pergilah ke sana. Zufri tiada kerana dia kan Belia 1Malaysia.

Nak dijadikan kisahnya, kami beli 2 benda. Butterfly wings dan sehelai tshirt untuk Emma. Cashier tu kata semuanya RM63.00. Eh? RM63.00? Kenapa pulak sedangkan harga butterfly wings tu hanya RM29.00 dan tshirt hanya RM19.00? Kenapa kenapa kenapaaaaa???? Kau ingat aku tak reti kira?! Katanya harga butterfly wings tu RM44.00. Kataku no, written on the price tag is RM29.00. Katanya sekejap ye kak.

Manager dia pun datang, called HQ, ding dong ding dong bla bla bla about 3-4 minutes, probably even 5, dan katanya ye kak, harganya RM44.00.

I was conflicted, because Emma really wanted those wings, but I hated that they did a mistake like that and cheated the customers. I mean what if I bought a shit load of things and didn’t check every single item, like in Giant? (Well Giant has made their fair share of over charging customers themselves) Then how? 1 customer dah RM16.00, sehari 10 customer beli dah RM160.00. sebulan dah RM4,800.00! Tak ke rip off tu namanya??

Memang semua wings tu RM44.00 atau ada yang RM28.00, tanyaku. I mean there were other designs; they could have priced them wrongly. No, said the manager. They are all RM44.00.

Hmm.. Think think think.

Sekali budak tu tanya “so akak nak ke tak?”

What the effffff la weyyyyyyy?????

I mean wow. Seriously? Of course I said no. And on hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have taken the t-shirt either. And probably should have voiced out my dissatisfaction with the way he handled the manner. And the manager too. And created a scene. With placards and all, pusing-pusing depan Cotton On chanting “Cotton On Penipu! Cotton On Penipu!”

I guess I was expecting some sort of apology for inconveniencing me. What if I went there with only RM28.00, came to Paradigm Mall solely for the purpose of buying those wings, with a baby in the carrier and a 4 year old melalak nak jugak wings tu? Or just honour the price shown on the price tag. RM16.00 is not a lot for a place like Cotton On.

Nasib baik aku bukan celebrity blogger tau.

Bangang punya customer service.

Jalan-jalan kat Toys R Us, tengok tengok ada satu butterfly wings tu, lengkap dengan magic wand, at only RM33.00. Lagi berbaloi.

Haven’t stepped foot in another Cotton On store ever since.



ddfirdaus said...

Mengarut memang....

@nannoor said...

aku pun dah takmo dah beli brg2 cotton on kids.
the t-shirt BLUERGGHH.. aku baru beli, 1st basuh leher sudah kembang. comot gila raya haritu anak2 aku pakai tshirt leher kembang. beli tshirt kat tesco lagi murah dan quality lagi bagus. PFFTTTTTTT

rawsktar said...

cotton OFF la kan?