A family portrait

L-r : Aisha, Emma (the small red one), Bapak & Mummy

Thanks Emma for acknowledging my ample bosom. Sheesh. And why lah am I the biggest??! Everybody knows Zufri is bigger, hehe.

I've never taught Emma how to draw, so this definitely came as a surprise. Rasa macam nak frame aje papan hitam ni muahaha.


MAYA said...

so cute lukisan itu.. frame kan aje.. jd kenangan..

Peachy said...

I see only 3 orang.

dbalkis said...

Emma macam ko la nampaknya. Kecik2 dah pandai lukis besar buleh la jadi architect. Who know dia fulfil ur dream..

We too actually see only 3 orang tapi ada line pink kecik after the first person from left to ek?