Then.. And Now

I have an eye infection, courtesy of Emma. Got 2 days MC, courtesy of Dr.George. Everybody's just so courteous. Heheh. But Emma's at home with me. Tomorrow maybe I'll send her to Opah's, so I can just lepak and finish the book I'm currently reading.

Anyway, was going through old photos the other day and found these:-

Emma : Almost 2 months.
My God, look at those cheeks!
Mata sepet, bibir tebal. Hahaha. Hidung ada 'ong'.
Masa tu tak perasan bila orang cakap pipi dia tembam,
tapi sila compare dengan gambar seterusnya.

Emma : 16 months.
Ahhh.. Kelihatan seperti sangat sopan santun.
Dan ayu. Haha.

Rizzqin : Almost 2 months as well.
Sangat comel dan innocent

Rizzqin : 17 months
Hahahaha sangat cheeky.

Like he's up to some mischief.

Shaqeel : A few days old.
Very small and fragile

Shaqeel now : 4 months +
Check out those thighs. And arms. And those long fingers.
And check out the serious face.

Adam : Not sure. Probably 2 months old.
Haha. Handsome little fella.

Adam now : 4 years 2 months old
He's actually fairer in real life.
Tang telinga tu ikut mak dia ka ayah dia ka, I dunno.
Really smart little guy.

So there you go, the whole clan of cousins so far. InsyaAllah, more will be added to the clan. These children were and are still breastfed exclusively (Kak Yen & Kak Peachy still exclusive, aku dah start campur FM at 13 months). Thanks to Pops for the encouragement.

Oh today's Papa's 61st birthday! Happy birthday, Pops! Papa sangat kerek pasal hari tu dia buat checkup and found out his biological age is actually 48. Sheesh. Auntie Rani pulak she's 51, with a body older than her age. I shudder to think how old my body is. Should. Start. Exercising.

We are planning for a family holiday this CNY. Unless somebody gets engaged then. Kan, kan?


rawkstar said...


rawkstar said...

series face tu anak peachy eh? hikhikhik. nnt dh beso buat lawak matematik. ooopss

Baby Shaq said...

Anies, lawak matematik ikut bapak dia ke? huhu

Eh Ri, who might get engaged masa CNY? Dun tell me it's Pp?????????????????

rawkstar said...

alamak baby shaq berkata2.uhuk.

Baby Shaq said...

hidung ada ong bentuk camne?

ashikin said...

cis... awak tak perasan ke kak chy, tibe2 org itu sgt bnyk komennya... like she got something 2 hide so sgt paranoid komen bnyk2.. apsal pp plak yg kena...

oh, definitely the cheek clan... comelicious!

happy bday uncle hamzah. :)

Inty Winty said...

Hahaha kan? Paranoia. CNY di perlis? Awat hang mengeluh Anies? Lawak maths. Hahaha.

Dulu Theresa komen hidung gua ada ong, so Alif kata cuba fikir apa haiwan yang ada a prominent nose dan appeals to the Chinese? Hoho.

peachy said...

aha! rawkstar rupanye...sbb pp ckp dia nak kawin 2012, tu pasal ingat dia nak tunang..kuikuikui

peachy said...

aha! rawkstar rupanye...sbb pp ckp dia nak kawin 2012, tu pasal ingat dia nak tunang..kuikuikui

rawkstar said...

beria kak peachy komen smpi dua kali.

sapa yang nk bertunang? alipth dah tunang la korang.

PP la tu. bole gi JB lagi.

peachy said...

excited sangat, tuh pasal komen 2 kali