A Day At The Zoo.

Hye! My name is Emma. Nenek said that I should start my own blog. But I think I should tumpang my Mummy's blog until I can actually think and type. Heh.

Two weeks ago we went to the Zoo! Yay! I had so much fun looking at the animals from near and far. We reached the zoo at 10:30 am and left at 5:30 pm! Yikes! 7 whole hours! Mummy said we should get our money's worth so we might as well stay until closing. Bapak really wanted to go to the Night Safari, but I guess we'll have to do that next time.

Of all the animals, I was really fascinated by the goats. They are so cute, and I did not find their smell disturbing at all. In fact, I even touched one of the goats! I'm too fast for my Mummy!

We caught the water animals show and the elephant show. They have an elephant named Intan. My Mummy's name is Intan. Hee hee.

I was so excited that I refused to eat lunch. I just had some Tiger cookies. Auumm. Heh heh. Maybe that's why I fell asleep on Mummy's shoulder while watching the elephants. I can not believe I missed their show!

Then we took a ride on the tram and on the boat across Seletar Strait.

Useless fact No. 1 : The Seletar Strait was named after orang-orang Selat.

After that, we went to their Kid's Zone. I took a ride on the carousel.

At first I was afraid, but when it started moving, I enjoyed myself. I had the ride all to myself! Bapak took videos of me on the carousel, and I loved it so much that I keep on playing the clip on the camera, again and again. Then something happened. I pressed the 'delete' button instead of the 'play' button. Hmph. I blame Mummy for allowing me to handle the camera myself. I mean, she knows pretty well I can't read!

I was really scared of the statues. Even cute little statues of otters! I thought they were real!

But then Mummy explained to me that they were just statues and that they couldn't move, let alone bite me. So I let Bapak take this picture of me. Hee hee.

This is the notorious Omar. Mummy said he ate his trainer last year. *Shudder* He looks like a giant cute cat.

Useless fact No.2 : White tigers aren't albinos. They're just white. All white tigers remaining in the world are descendants of a white tiger named Mohar.

Useless fact No. 3 : In Africa, they have lions. In Asia, we have tigers. There are no lions in Asia and vice versa.

Near the exit, we saw the orang utans. The camera had run out of batteries by this time (we didn't even get a chance to take pictures of the Savannah animals!). I especially loved watching the baby orang utan, yang asyik bergayut pada mak dia. It reminds me of, well, myself. Emma pun suka bergayut pada mummy. Maybe because she always smells so good. Hee hee.

Boy oh boy, was I tired at the end of the day! But it's okay as I slept all the way home.

Thank you Mummy and Bapak for the fun day out! I love you both.

(Hee hee perasan)

Disclaimer : Of course ini bukan Emma yang tulis okay. Don't be a smart ass and leave comments on Emma's genius mind. Heh. Tapi kalau ikhlas rasa Emma genius, mak aminkan aje. Hehe.


dbalkis said...

Don't worry, Dhani believed that Emma did it..genius Dhani too who can read Emma's blog...Well done Emma..

RBI said...

well anak kita memang genius mak! eh aku rasa kau patut ada blog emma dan menulislah begini, aku rasa seperti baca diari emma pula...hahahahah

rawsktar said...

gabungan ibu2 sedunia.

Maia said...

rasa cam emma plak yg tulis kt blog nih..

peachy said...

Sape Nenek?

Inty Winty said...

dB & rbi : kikiki anak2 zaman skang memang sume genius. shaq boleh layan fb kay.

rawkstar : satu gabungan yang bakal bertambah bilangannya. syat pregnant dah.

maya : kikiki. aku cuba guna ayat2 simple dan teruja berlebihan. mungkin kurang sukses. nanti cuba lagi.

k.chy : Nenek? Auntie Rani le..

HaNiE said...

soo cute la little emma... tak sabar nak bawak izz gi zoo jugak tapi after dia paham itik n angsa or tiger n cat tu binatang yang berbeza la, hu hu