Miss Tang cuti seminggu, yo!

Expect regular updates this week. Heh heh.

Semalam tengok cerita Twilight untuk kali pertama. Cerita cinta rupanya. Kusangkakan cerita epik vampires dan werewolves dan gollum hehe. Watsup with Bella and all the lip biting, eh? Trying to look sexy ke? Eww kay. Tapi setting yang sangat cantik. Would love to be living in Fork.

The whole long weekend kami (aku dan Emma, semestinya) melepak depan TV saja, layan one movie after another. (Zufri main golf. Ni kalau tak jadi pro ni…) Didn’t have time to clean, hehe. Sinki penuh dengan pinggan. Hahaha. Mujurlah aku tiada OCD. Hahahaha. I’m not a slob, either. I mean, I may not wash the dishes immediately after use, but I don’t pee on floors either. Forest floor mungkin. Hehe. There’s a reason the toilet bowl’s invented, y’know. A piece of decoration, it is not. Except maybe those gold plated ones.

I always try to set a good example for my kid. Mostly when I eat junk food, it’s in the office. Because when I eat in front of Emma, she surely wants a bite. And since junk food is so much tastier and is so addictive, she’ll sure want more. And if I refuse her, oh well, I can’t refuse her. So the simple solution is jangan makan depan Emma. Dan Zufri. Hahaha.

Same goes to my actions and speech. Janganlah mencarut depan anak hang. I’ve certainly narrowed down my choice of words. Partly because I hardly drive anymore. I’ve realized that I curse a lot when I’m driving. But driving with Emma is a more calm and happy time, hehe because I have to sing and entertain her while driving. Dan janganlah bertumbuk depan anak hang. Hahaha. Ada ke orang buat macam ni? Seriously, ada ke? Kang anak hang tumbuk kawan-kawan dia macam mana? Who do you blame then?

Going off tangent here, Baby Shaq is enjoying his holiday in UK and latest I heard, he’s taking pictures with the Eiffel Tower. Hohoho. So looking forward to my souvenir. I wonder how they’re coping, since they didn’t bring Shaq’s stroller. Tapi yelah, jalan-jalan dengan Emma skarang mana bawak stroller dah. Kadang-kadang hairan jugak tengok budak-budak yang dah besar tapi still duduk dalam stroller lagi.

But whatever, y’know. To each, his own.


RBI said...

tak perlulah aku menulis lagi, semua kau dah sapu, kikikikiki...

Inty Winty said...

Tulis la wey. Penulisan kau beritma. Hehe.

RBI said...

bodo! hahahahah sorry ter'curse' kau pula!

peachy said...

Surprisingly Shaqeel is behaving quite well. Anak orang putih sume senyap aje..must be the cold wheather..depa takleh gerak banyak.. huhu