Oh, Terlupa Pulak

So how did you like the ridiculously long post? I have more, you know. Just not as long. As it turns out, Emma’s blood count (or platelets, I’m not sure) is quite low so the doctor said that either one of us has talesemia. Wah. Quite shocking news. Thankfully only one of us has it, so its not dangerous.

And we just found out that Emma’s blood is the same as Zufri’s, which is A+. I’m an O, which is a universal donor. Very generous of us. And we (O blood people) are picky, because we only accept our own kind. Hehe.

Jadi sekarang kalau ada orang puji Emma, Zufri akan berkata of courselah, tengoklah darah siapa. Sheesh, babe.

Oh by the way, kami rasa mungkin aku yang ada talasemia pasal dulu memang sangat susah untuk aku menderma darah. Platlet tak cukup, kata mereka.

By the way, I think I’ve gained a lot of weight lately. Sikit-sikit aku makan coklat. Sikit-sikit makan chilli cheese corntos. Lunch tadi makan mcD, siap ada sundae lagi pasal ada kupon free daripada pamayam. Kuikuikui. Ni dalam beg aku ada skittles littles. Kat rumah ada chocolate cake.

Oh! Totally forgot! Hari Isnin 9/11 birthday Zufri. Hahaha. We were still in hospital then. He was throwing up. I was freaking out. Emma was asleep, blissfully unaware of the chaos surrounding her. Ahh.. what a birthday to remember, eh?

Happy 28th birthday, babe. No party, no makan-makan, no birthday present for you this year. Tapi tak bermakna itu yang I nak untuk birthday I, ok.


ashikin said...

well said. oh, aku juga A+.

rawkstar said...

happy birthday zufri. aku darah AB. aku pemurah.

dbalkis said...

Ri, while Dhani admitted last time, Dr also said that platelets/oxygen count cannot be less than 90..but she didn't mention bout talesemia.. Don't worry ya..Insyaallah semua akan ok..

aku juga penah rasa hari2 yang sangat muram bila ours bergilir2 sakit..Brighter sun will shine tomorrow..tc

Baby Shaq said...

Happy Bday Zuf.