James Mcavoy

Just finished watching Penelope for the first time.

Think I'm falling in love with James Mcavoy, heh heh.
May not be some people's cup of tea. Tapi handsome, kan?
And the character he plays in Penelope?
Just perfect for him.

Zufri's still out with friends.


rawkstar said...

dia berlakon wanted dgn angelina jolie.nyumm.

Rose said...

dier pon berlakon dalam Narnia yang badan dier belah bawah jadi kuda...:)

Inty Winty said...

Wanted I know, tapi Narnia? Cheq tak perasaan lah pulak.

Darn. Shud've paid more attention.

Kacak, kan? And the accent. Oh, my.

rawkstar said...

oh, dia lah kuda tuhhhhhhhh. dammmm. he is the faunnnn!!!