Emma approaching 15 months

Updates on Emma.

She’s now approaching 15 months, and I’ve seen some short unsupported walks when she thinks nobody’s watching. Seriously. When we’re there to cheer her on, she clams up and crawls around. She’s really taking her time lah, this girl. People have said kind things to me when I say she’s not walking yet. I’ve really come to terms with this. I’m really OK, OK? Heheh. No need to worry about me.

Calls Bapak, Opah and Kin. Hehehe Kin adalah Rizzqin, me thinks.

Calls me Mummy only when she’s wailing on top of her voice.

Says ‘apa tu’ at almost anything while pointing at the thing.

Says tatih bila dia ditatihkan.

Says bye while waving. Sometimes turns back while walking to continue waving.

When I sing twinkle twinkle little… she’ll say star, minus the s, of course.

What else yeah.

Just only learned to shake people’s hands.

Says ‘cih’ when handed something. That’s emmanese (hehe) for terima kasih.

Upon entering the house, somehow she always screams ‘dahh’ when I give my Salaam.

Drinks from a cup pretty well now. Minimal spill, but is still there.

Hair is still very, well, little despite super efforts from me in melumurkan olive oil on her head every day. Serius jealous je tengok anak orang rambut lebat.

Weighs approximately 9.7 kilos the last time I checked. Her chart is tapering now. Hahaha dulu sangat curam.

Drinks around 10oz of formula during the day, on top of 6/7 oz of EBM I supply. Huhu lagi banyak FM dari EBM ok. Argh aku gagal! Gagal maintain supply. At lunchtime I’ll be lucky if I get 4 oz. After work its usually 3 oz. Mornings I don’t pump anymore. Sedih, but it leaves me with a lot more free time to prepare breakfast, hehe.

When I say dog, she sometimes say woof woof. Cat is miao in a very high pitch.

When I ask where’s her shoes, she says ‘shuz’ but doesn’t go looking for her shoes. When I point to her shoes and asks her apa ni? She asks me back apa tu? Sheesh.

So anyways, itulah dia perkembangan Emma thus far. Kalau ada yang tertinggal, akan aku update kelak.


Rose said...

Ha ha Emma sangat cuteee....dengar citer dier pon dapat bayangkan kekiutan dier...

kin. auntie kin. said...

does it ever occurred to u that 'kin' was act. referring to me? the glorious auntie kin. hik hik hik.

HaNiE said...

share gambar emma dong!! if dapat video waving bye-bye lagi cumil, huhu sangat demand makcik ni