Resipi Mami.

Lupa pulak nak brag. Semalam aku masak jeng jeng jeng nasi tomato berlaukkan ayam masak merah! Woo hoo. Zufri, who's my harshest critic, said the chicken was delicious, but the nasi needs more flavour.
Anyway I've changed. I used to be very hard headed and sulked whenever anyone commented on my cooking, especially mr food critic lah kan. Tapi seriously, sejak 2-3 minggu lepas ni memang aku dah banyak berubah. Tidak lagi terlalu sensitif dan defensive. Baguslah.


Melanies_rockstar said...

apasal lu tak ajak gua makan?gua tau la gua takde kete..eh, btw, lu pick up baju gua for dobi boleh?hehehe.

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