The One With the Kursus Kawin

Two weekends ago, we attended our Kursus Nikah at the world famous Zura's Akademik. Why is it that all the speakers have to talk dirty? And how come the supposedly polite and demure orang timur gelak gedik mengada-ngada sambil melirik ke arah pasangan masing-masing? One or two speakers were good. Nice and very informative.
One actually said-
Speaker:U bukak baju dia, u nampak apa? Tetek, kan? U ramas-ramasla tetek dia. Kalau takde respon, u tau yang kecik dekat tetek dia tu. Alah apa lah nama dia..apa..puting?"
Crowd: Wargh wargh wakakaka. PUTING!!
Speaker: Hah..puting. U gentel puting dia.
Wtf?! Was that even necessary? Seriously eww OK. He was trying to explain what a Janda Berhias is. Anyway its a divorced virgin. Period.
We were stuck in a long long looooong crawl from Slim River aaaaalllll the way to Bukit Beruntung last night. Zufs almost peed in a bottle. Thank God he didn't. We stopped at Tapah R&R. Fuiyoo..happening gilers tempat tu! More happening than some of the shopping malls in Sungai Petani, hehe.
Before heading back home on Sunday, we stopped by Penang Island to meet up with Zufri's brother. Zufs was feeling rather sick with the flu, and you knowlah when adult males are sick they get very quiet and distant. Or maybe its just Zufs. Whatever. He suggested a ferry ride back to the Mainland, and even though a ferry ride is like nothinglah actually, I enthusiastically agreed that it was a hot idea.
Before that it was even more. He took us to Penang Hill. On a Sunday. During the school holidays. Ramai gila orang! People were queueing (btoi ka? Macam banyak sangat ue..) up at 2:30 for a train ride up the hill at 4:00 pm. Tak pa lah naa.
All in all, was a relaxing trip-balik-kampung-Zufri. Minus the tiring journey back home.
It suddenly struck me that I'm getting married in less than 3 months! Damn. Spooky shit.


yuhainis said...

gile macam haram kursus kawin lu..hahaha..poyo la speaker lu..

gua yang kegelian said...

memang. geli gua. tapi kalau lu ada mungkin gua gelak paling kuat