My Delicious Curry

Yesterday's buka puasa session was a success! Everybody loved it, especially me lah of course.
I started cooking as early as 12:00 pm, just in case you know. And true enough, something went really wrong. I poured water from a kettle into my curry to make it less thick but instead of plain water, it was chrysanthemum tea! Nasib baik aku tak masukkan ikan lagi dalam kari tu. Tinggal ikan jeklah anyway, yang lain semua dah masukkan. But the second time, it was marvellous. Lazat gilers. Yummy.
The only kegagalan was my custard pudding yang terlalu cair. Tapi cair-cair pun si Kak Yen makan sampai separuh jugak habis!
Wakaka. So the next time I cook, maybe in two or three months time, I'll be sure to invite uols.


peachy said...

hahahaha...camno la leh letak air teh lak...huhuhuhu

i.am.ein said...

congratulation.... behind every great curry.. there's a tea...