The One With the Pavlova

Slept less than an hour last night for baking chocolate chip cookies. I wonder why I subject myself to such a torturous hobby. I'd be dysfunctional at the office today, so I called in with an emergency but then discovered I can't go anywhere but head for the office. So half a day's leave was wasted on working at the office.
But really, baking is a wonderful hobby. Just downloaded a recipe for baking a pavlova, wakaka. Never even tasted one, but the name and the photos seem so lazat. And also downloaded a Laksa Johor recipe for my farewell lunch in September. Kena test dulu baru boleh buat untuk orang ramai. Long time no taste Laksa Johor lah. And I ordered some 60 gorgeous cupcakes too for the lunch. Semangat pulak nak ciao.
And to date, I still have 6 days' leave to finish in two months. Rugilah pasal I've been saving my leave for Hari Raya and my wedding. Kang masuk ofis baru cuti mesti 4 hari jek. lepas tu company Cina mesti tak cuti panjang time Raya.
Tapi takpelah. I can always take unpaid leaves. Maklumlah banyak duit overtime.
(Sorry kerek)

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