The One With the Marathon (Again)

Only I didn't run a full marathon, just a 1/14th of a marathon hehe.

When we reached the stadium at 6:30 a.m., we (Anies & I) were sort of malu lah pasal kitorang join 3K FUN run jek, and while we were checking the competition out we discovered that most people in our category were children, aunties and parents pushing strollers. Damn. One auntie even wore kain batik, OK.

We were at the back of the bunch at the starting line, because we were too cool to be too enthusiastic about running. Thank God for Anies, because otherwise I think I'd be the front most runner. Shortly after the gun went off, kitorang pun potong semua competitors lain one loser at a time, hehe.

We thought we'd die gasping for air if we ran non stop, when in fact we had conversations! Without ever gasping for air! And Anies ran more than 4 minutes! All in all we finished the course in just 12 minutes! Sekejap gila!

We rocked our category, man!

And all this while, while running for 30 minutes, I thought I ran less than 3 kilos. When in fact I must've been running more than 5 kilos!

So now that I have motivated myself, I'm gonna join the Shah Alam 10K run and later the Mizuno Wave 10K run, all in September. Bestlah join, banyak goodies dapat.

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yuhainis said...

Babe..gua bangga dengan kejayaan kite..hahahaha..sgt bangga..eh, lu bawak papa mkn kat pan bakery??hehe.