My Perfect Jeans

Ahh. This long vacation is proving to be so much fun! Followed Zufri to Putrajaya today and spent the whole afternoon in Alamandaa. Tau, sana takde banyak benda. But look at what I got for myself! So proud of myself, hehe.

Mari mari, aku bercerita pasal perjalanan seluar jeans ku.

Aku jenis orang yang susah dan cerewet bila tiba bab seluar jeans. To me, you're spending so much, you should be getting what you want. And what flatters you. I always end up trying jeans that are too tight at the thighs, because they are humongous! Or really nice back there, but too loose at the waist.

I think it was around 2004. I had these really tight pair from Abercrombie & Fitch. At only around RM69.90, they were a steal! But since I didn't have anything perfect, so I sort of played the field between them and my other jeans.

In 2005 (kot) I got myself my 'Perfect Jeans' from FCUK. I wore them to death. I'm like that. I don't two-time my perfect jeans. We were exclusive. Even borrowed money to get them. Heh heh. Pinjam kat kredit Anies. See? Aku pinjam dan bayar bulanan. Heh heh. But they were size 29! I've always worn 28, nothing less. Sheesh. Betapa hebatsnya derriere aku hahaha.

But look at what's happened to them! The ripping on the thighs I can do with, but at the crotch? Aw, man! Bukan tak pernah jahit, siap hantar kedai lagi. Tapi lepas tu koyak balik! Siap sekarang pakai pin lagi! I still wear them to work on Casual Fridays, just so you know.

But as mentioned before, selepas melahirkan, punggungku semakin meleper. So it means only my super tight A&F jeans fits me snugly. Remember my previous post when Emma puked all over me? Right. So while I was window shopping today, my super nose kept picking up this awful scent. Yup. Haha I didn't freaking wash my jeans after the puking fiasco! Hohoho. Serius jijiks. Tapi sedangkan air kencing Emma pun hanya najis Mutawasitah (ek?), inikan pula muntahnya? Ah lagipun pada aku, taik Emma pun berbau manisss je gitu. Heh heh.

So anyways, bukan aku tak pernah jalan-jalan cari jeans. I'm no brand snob, but I'm no walkover either. There are some brands that I will never wear. Semua jeans yang aku rasa lawa, and those that I can afford I have tried. Satu pun tak kena dengan aku. Perasaan bila aku pertama kali mengenakan 'Perfect Jeans' ku dan semua jeans yang lain sangat berbeza.

But I have found it. In size 28 some more! I read somewhere to always buy 1 size smaller because jeans expand, but my thighs refuse to let size 27 in. Of course my belly hangs above the waistline. Gila. Kalaula masih zaman high waisted jeans, memanglah aku tak beli jeans baru. See I refuse to wear a size 30. Sorry.

So there. I decided to splurge RM150 (murahkan? Original price was RM339) for my second pair of perfect jeans. See, to me RM150 is a splurge already. Of course to some RM50 is already a luxury, but you get my point. I seriously never ever thought I'll ever find my 2nd pair, but Alhamdulillah. At a time when I have money in my hands, aku telah dipertemukan dengan sesuatu yang aku kira sempurna. Here's to four years of great fun!

Ok. Here's Emma with the snow cap that I didn't intend to get her. Wanted to get her the one from Baby Poney, but bought this from Marks & Spencer instead. Benci kan? Kalau nak beli barang untuk aku kan, mesti aku fikir ratusan kali. Kalau untuk Emma, benda takde kepentingan (macam snow cap ni le) pun rasa macam harus je beli. In the blink of an eye.

But she's so cute, right? Hehehehe.


Blogstabber said...

mane gmbr? takde pon.

Inty Winty said...

heyy blogstabber! any updates on your blog? wakaka. broadband lembab ah. tension gua. kang ah gua edit.

peachy said...

oi, beraninye letak pin kat crotch? kekekeke

kuizikel said...

ntah mana gambonyer intan oiiii

Blogstabber said...

hehe. of cos lah ade update. hehehehehe.

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