Selamat tahun baru 1430 Hirah dan 2009 Masihi.

I spent the last seconds of 2008 all curled up in front of the TV watching Pirates of the Caribbean accompanied by Emma, Zufri and Domino's. Cukuplah tu. 2009's resolution is to eat and live healthy. Simple enough ey?
Aku sangat teruja sebenarnya nak bercerita.
First things first, I think it's safe to say....
Yay! Kak Peachy's pregnant! Can't wait!

Kak Peachy berwajah teruja.

Secondly, congratulations Dayang & Mat!

Baby Iz Dhani bin Mohd. Firdaus (subject to change, hoho) was born in HUKM on 1st of January! He's a New Year baby! Didn't make the headlines, however. I wonder why. Pasal beranak kat HUKM kot. He's a whopping 3.53 kilos. I personally think he looks like his Mama.

Rambut dia sangat lebat. Hehe. Did you know that Mat's nickname in college was Mat Bulu? Hohoho. Now you know..
Next up. Congratulations Mar & Izali!

Meet baby Izz Iskandar Muhammad bin Ishak (also subject to change). This heart-breaker here was born in Prince Court Medical Centre, which is just lovely! But more on that later, hehe. Erm where was I. On 2nd January! He weighs 3.13 kilos and measures 53cm (long). In my humble opinion, I think he looks like Mar.

I have no idea what Izali's nick name in college was. Pak Sheikh, perhaps?

OK. So both babies have the same first name. Although both are spelled differently. The interesting thing is, they never discussed the names with each other. Macam telepathy. Hebat, kan? Dayang's gonna call her baby Dhani, and Mar well, Izz or Is.

Here is one big baby, Mohd Nabil Sazwan bin Mohd. Sazrin. Ini anak kepada Wan Rose, born 28th April 2007. Dah nak masuk 2 tahun budak kecik ni!

Siot je wan rose pakaikan Emma punya erm cap.

Ni pulak baby basi. Hahaha.

All in all, 2008 was a great year. May 2009 be even better! Have a happy and healthy new year!


MELanies said...

congrats to allllllllll esp kak peachy!!!

where's my baby?!!

kuizikel said...

aha.. slamber je wan rose pakaikan cap tu.. sib baik sgt cute...

peachy said...

Tq Anies.
And congratulations to your friends too!

MELanies said...

kak peachy,

nnt kalo pompuan kasik nama emily?

peachy said...

adam cakap baby nih lelaki..hihihi

MELanies said...

hahahah. pepandai je adam. mata dia bole scan baby?

riri..gua ada gosip hangat. gua bercakaran tepi gelanggang futsal.