Hey watsup yo? Been too long..too darn long. Here's a very quick update.

1-I'm no longer a nine-o-niner! Sold of my whitey mighty kelisa weezer about a month ago, and received myvida loca 3 weeks ago (roughly). Went car-less for a week, but wasn't really affected because when do I ever drive anyway? Zufri's very anal about me driving, for some reason. I think I'm a better driver than him, but don't we all, ey?
2-Papa got married on 11th May in some hall in Pasir Ris. I now oficially have a stepmother. Not calling her Mak, ok? It's Aunty Rani. (Banyak sangat soalan aku dapat pasal hal gelaran ni)
3-Got my hai rebonded. Yay! Hoping for manageable hair during my confinement period, hehe. Btw, just received news that I'll be berpantang here in KJ, and Zufri's mak will come here instead. Hehe. Which brings me to my next update..
4-We moved into our new (rented) house in SS5c. Yay again! Very scary having your own home. I remember telling Zufri that by moving out into our own house makes everything seem so serious, making me feel so old. Tapi bila dah pindah, biasa jek. I used to cook dinner every day, pegi pasar tani every Saturday and stuff. But last 2 weeks, Pipi came and she did all the cooking, so I took a break. Then Zufri's mak came for a whole week so I had yet another break. So sekarang dah jadi super malas nak memasak.
5-Don't you just hate it when people mess with your stuff? Like when somebody cleans up your room and basically moves everything around? And the room looks so clean your husband wants your room to be the same way everyday? And when it's not the same, he complains lain macam lah you kemas. mak kemas tak macam ni pun (?!). Ek eleh. Hehe.
6-My baby's been kicking really hard and at times you can see like waves on my tummy. Falling asleep is very uncomfortable. Sleep itself is not a bother. I hope this is as uncomfortable as it gets. Please.
Jiran aku balik kampung, sampai hari ni tak balik lagi. Diorang cuti ke besok?

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