I have my own CCTV

The girl who sits behind me, but facing the opposite direction in office is Chin Chin. She's really nosey, especially since I got pregnant hehe. I for one can not accept having to drink just hot/warm water all the time. Haha maybe once a week OKlah. So anyway almost everyday of last month, I'd tapau teh ais/teh o ais after having breakfast. After a few days, Chin Chin (aptly nick named CCTV hehe) tak boleh tahan dan tegur aku kerana minum air ais. Then one more time I came into the office with a stick of ice cream, and she practically shouted at me,
"U makan ais krim?"
Hohohoho. I said alah, bukan selalu. Sekali sekala saja. And that I gained only 300g the last month, so I feel I deserved the ice cream. A cornetto, no less. And you know what she said?
"Bukan selalu?! Sudah tiga kali wo I nampak u makan ais krim!"
Hahahahaha. Wtf? Bongok gila. Hahahaha. Not that I mind pun actually. It's good to have someone care about you. And I don't blame her. She miscarried at 5 1/2 months. Kesian, kan? Now she's trying again. The reason I'm blogging about CCTV is that she's resigning. Sob sob, my er sort of only friend on my floor's resigning. Sob sob. Who am I gonna get the latest gossip from? Darn.
Oh but the reason she's resigning is much much more controversial than any other office gossip. Apparently, everyone else in the company got a raise, except for her and us new, yet to be confirmed people. And the reason she didn't get a raise? Because she's planning to have a baby! Belum lagi pregnant sudah didiskriminasi, apatah lagi golongan wanita mengandung seperti aku? Kata bos, kerana aku mengandung, aku tiada banyak kerja jadi kenapa harus confirmkan aku? (They extended my probation period for another six months). The only thing I'm worried about is that maternity leave only applies to confirmed staff. So how?
CCTV's leaving because she feels bullied. I can't leave now. I mean, who'll take in a pregnant woman? Very stressful, I tell you. So now I've taken to staying back most days to show my "co-operation to get my work done".
Bleurgh. Ikutkan hati, aku resign besok sekali dengan CCTV. But not yet. Later maybe. Bodoh punya boss.
Can't really be bothered lah sebenarnya. Hehe. Berdoalah agar aku confirm dalam masa 3 bulan ni. Please. Hehe.
On a slightly different topic, I'm having my 4th antenatal checkup this Wednesday. Seriously tak sabar nak tunggu, hohoho. I'm turning 6 months next tuesday. 3 more months to go! Semoga confirm segera. Amin.


Melanies_rockstar said...

bangang gila company mat saleh lu tuh. Siot je. Gila diskriminasi okay. Mmg tak boleh blah. Nway, thanks for the nice lunch. Next time gua order western food plak. Ehehhe.

ririblurry said...

Oh tak tahukah kau bahawa mat saleh itu pun sudah give up dan membawa diri ke Qatar?

peachy said...

eh..maternity leave applies to all pregnant employee..irregardless of the confirmed status..

Melanies_rockstar said...

ha??mat saleh tu pun blah?knape aku tatau?hahah.marila kite ke Qatar.

--being Maneesa-- said...

pek, aper citer ? lama tak update blog :) update laaa