Lucky 7

7 apa apa tentang saya as requested and tagged by Shasha

7 perkara tentang saya..
1. I love red. And black. I bought a pair of bright red bootees and mittens for my baby. Hohoho. 2. I walk to and from work everyday, so I'm not really affected by the sharp rise of petrol prices. I am, however affected by the rise in global food prices caused by the rise of petrol prices.
3. I like sniffing my food. And licking my lips and fingers after purposely leaving saki baki makanan di situ to begin with.
4. I like starting a new hobby, only to abandon the hobby after say... one month. Currently on sketching. Previous hobbies include knitting (hohoho what was I thinking? Susah gila!), running (training for a half marathon, in fact. Had to stop due to pregnancy), gardening, cooking. Hahaha very domestic hobbies. No wonder..
5. When I die, Papa and Pipi gets my insurance money. Haha Zufri gets nothing.
6. I wanted to get engaged on my birthday, but it was a friday so I postponed to the 19th. And we had wanted to get married on Zufri's birthday (9th Nov.) tapi si Pipi pulak tengah exam! So we shifted to a week later, 16th November. Takde simboliknya tarikh tu.
7. I had trouble accepting criticism. I still have, in fact but only from certain people.

7 perkara menakutkan saya
1. Flying cockroaches.
2. Dying a tragic death, ie of a car accident
3. Suddenly being spontaneous and did something stupid that would land me in jail and ruining my whole future.
4. Giving birth. Hahaha.
5. Growing old alone. Yeah that and dying alone, only to be found by my neighbour a week after.
6. Aku takut kena buang keja. Hahaha.
7. Aku juga takut aku terberanak di ofis.

7 lagu buat masa ini
Oh, buat masa ni takde. But I have all-time favourites!
2.9 Crimes & Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
3.Cocoon & Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson (Well almost his whole album sebenarnya)
4.Happy Ending - Mika
5.Country House & No Distance Left To Run - Blur!! And their albums up till The Great Escape
6.That's The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson
7.Nescafe tunes especially those by Ning & Camelia.

7 perkara yang saya selalu sebut ?
1. apahallak lu?! especially to Adam. Hahaha.
2. Bye King Kong. Also to Adam.
3. Malaslah nak masak.
4. Ah apa-apa ah.
5. Sheesh.
6. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
7. Seriously?

7 perkara yang amat bernilai
1-5. My family (tak ternilai sebenarnya)
6. My good (Alhamdulillah) health.
7. Friends who truly understand me, and have been with me through thick and thin
Haha I don't own much expensive things lah. But I guess you already know.

7 pertama kali dalam hidup
Semua benda kenalah ada kali pertama kan. Tak faham motif soalan. Hahaha
1. Kali pertama bercinta, bertukar menjadi kali pertama berkahwin hin.(choy touch wood) meaning I married my first and only boyfriend.
2. Kali pertama aku rasa baby aku tendang was in my hmm fifth month kot.
3. Kali pertama aku beli album adalah kaset P.Ramlee. Muahahaha.
4. CD pulak Boyzone. Huhu. I still remeber listening to their album everyday without fail after sahur with Kak Peachy. Her's was ermm Soul Asylum I think. Hohoho who would've guessed, huh?
5. The first (and hopefully only) time I appeared on television was as an extra on RTM's short lived 'Man Digital'. Hohohoho. Seriously.
6. The first time (as far as I remember) I said I Love You to my mummy was at the airport. She wouldn't let me go unless I said I love you too. Sadly I didn't get to say it that often. In fact rasanya macam tak pernah cakap I love you to Papa, except on birthday cards. Pathetic, huh? But they know how much I love them.
7. The first time I saw my current place, I fell in love. Chewah.

7 orang bertuah
1. Pipi Doo
2. Mrs.Emil
3. Anniemanis
4. Wan Rose
5. Alifazli
Hohoho korang ni bukannya boleh harap, so I ain't gonna tag anyonelah.

Oh and by the way, during my UM years, I stayed in jeng jeng jeng..7th College! Yay! And 7's Nadia's favourite number! Andddd I wanna have 7 kids! Not! Gila.

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Melanies_rockstar said...

huh??aku tak boleh harap??and 7 is my fav number too. akhirnya ko kembali memblog. jgn merajuk lagi eh..