The One With the Marathon

I just finished a marathon. A Grey's Anatomy Season 3 marathon, haha. Took me 3 days, but only because I didn't come in yesterday and because I had to try to work. Work became something I did in my free time, like at boring scenes.
I can't believe Season 3 ended that way! Cristina sure looked pondan-ish on her wedding day. I'm free? Crazy. Can't wait for Season 4 pulak. I wish I could watch at home but something's wrong with the darned PC.
Eventually made the banana smoothie on Sunday. I lost the recipe so I had to hentam. I used 1 medium sized banana, 4 strawberries, half a cup of HL milk and some ice. Tasted quite bland, so I added half a pear. Still quite bland, but I finished it off nonetheless. Maybe the banana I used wasn't sweet enough. I used pisang berangan hari tu.
The second time I tried, I used pisang raja (kot) and substituted the strawberries for a mango. Yummiezers, very sweet! The base ingredient is the banana, as it is (if I'm not mistaken) rich in potassium which is good for runners. So dinner's gonna be banana smoothies for me until I puke and grow a baboon's ass.
Channel 77 on Astro somehow airs this aerobics or fitness exercise show at 4:30 in the morning! Gila tak? And I actually caught it this morning! Gila babi lah! And I plan to do so unless I really like tido mati tak ingat dunia punya! Seriously!
Can't wait for tomorrow morning to come.


peachy said...

hah? awak exercise kul 430 pg?

Name : Dazed and Confused said...

Haha gila tak? Sehari gua rasa semangat dan bertenaga.

Anonymous said...

lu mmg gile sial