The One With the Interview

Zufri had a house-warming barbeque on Saturday. I never wanted to go, but Zufs picked me up for breakfast and because he picked me up, I was at his mercy. Tawau made me prepare the food, so I had to marinade 40 lamb steaks and 30 chicken parts. I had to wait until he was free, and he was free only at 2 a.m. The barbeque was delicious. Gila gila delicious.
And by the way, the interview was postponed until yesterday. Went pretty well, if I say so myself. Can't wait to get the results. if I get it way yay! But if I don't, well takde rezeki. Nak buat canne, kan.

So I think it has been a good weekend plus Monday, and if I might add Tuesday as well. Because you wanna know why? Faculty of Built Environment is having their Annual Dinner today, and I get a free invite! Not just me, but zufs can tag along too! Yay! Free Nikko food!

Maybe its because I'm fasting and ini rezeki orang berpuasa.

Wakaka. Baru first day ganti puasa tu.

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Anonymous said...

babe, cant wait to run wif u..hahah