The One With the Big Family.

Sigh..I miss blogging. But computer's really slow! I've got a shitload of work to do but it seems that I'm working really really slow, just like my PC. wtf. It's new, man.

Well anyway, the whole crew went to Jalan TAR on Sunday (the whole crew being Zufs, his parents, Unclu Kamal, Kak Mas, Sabrina, Auntie Aton & Ilham, Auntie Edah & Uncle Mokhtar and Auntie Mah & Uncle Mael) to get some things for our wedding. Haha. Gila, OK. His family's insane! Gonna be my family soon. haha. My family's also big, but not as huge as Zufs' tho. we don't really spend much time together, except on special occassions. But his family, they get together for anything! A trip to Tesco, to get a cup of coffee, to get stuff for a nephew's wedding. Sheesh.

Back to the important stuff, oh, may be its better to keep it a secret so you'll all be surprised when my wedding day finally comes. Oh and by the way, my wedding's postponed until 17th November because apparently my bridesmaid merangkap sister will be having an exam on the 9th 0r 10th. Bummer. But oh well. Who cares. It's just a date.

Speaking of weddings, I'm trying to trim down.. a lot actually, for my wedding. Current weight is at *gasp* 66kilos! Fug. Planning to go down to 55kilos by September! Is it even possible??

The one thing I've started doing is I've been going jogging, here in Shah Alam since (I'm not one to brag) Monday haha. Today's a rest day. Tomorrow I'll continue. No point wearing myself out, right. To keep me motivated, I'm joining a 10K run in August, so I definitely have to train really hard.

Currently, I can only run for 2 kilos without dying and it usually takes me up to 35 minutes! Gila! Orang lain lari 10 K 59 minit jek. if I were to prorate everything, I would've ran 10 K in *gasp again* 3 HOURS!!!!! OK, the abovementioned person is my dad, who's turning 60 in December btw. I can't even compete with a 60 year old. How pathetic is that.

But let's not get discouraged now. Come August, I'll be able to complete in 58 minutes. So there!

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