I'm Pregnant And Is Super Emotional

Papa called just now, asking why he was charged for using unifi at my place on his phone when it should have been free, according to me. So I said I don't know, but maybe he didn't really use a unifi connection but celcom's gprs instead, because those things are really expensive and I think he was charged about RM74 just for that.

Then he started yelling, "then who's gonna pay for this?!" over and over again, so I said yeah, I'll pay, whatever. I wasn't sure, I thought he was just yelling in jest, but then again he sounded so serious, I got I dunno, scared I think, and suddenly burst into tears! Silently of course.

Then I suppose he figured something was wrong so he started chuckling and said that if I didn't have any money its OK, he was gonna pay anyway.

Aku senyaaaap aje. I was afraid I might cry louder if I started talking. I finally hung up. Siot je. Then when Papa called back I didn't answer.

Nanti kang malamlah baru aku telefon balik. Kecik hati I.


Leonora Halim said...


dbalkis said...

Riri, just a lil sharing..mmg btol there will be a time where the so called smart phone will switch from wifi@unifi to 3g line if that 'smart phone' notices that the wifi line is poor at that moment. Atau erti kata lain dia akan pandai2 sendiri tukar line 3g instead of wifi. Aku dh clarify bende ni ngn org maxis coz aku x puas hati 1g data rate aku cpt habis. The only way to have secure wifi access without the stupid smart phone tukar 3g line suka2 hati dia is by switch on airplane mode (iphone) and bb also have similar function x ingat nama. By doing this, 3g line or even phone line mmg cnfm diasable dan incoming call nor messages also cannot come in until we switch off airplane mode. Ini je cara kalau btol2 nk secure wifi tru smartphn e yg sgt bijak pandai tu. Sekin time kasih.

Jgn sedih2 k dear.

rawsktar said...

siannn dia sobs sobs. suh papa pakai bb la (then jgn on wifi). konpem2 pakai data rate. hahaha.

Inty Winty said...

Kikiki I dah OK dah uols, lps lunch terus aku call bapak aku balik. Menangis byk sgt kang baby kuat menangis plak, xlarat aku nak handle!

kuizikel said...

intan intan

Rose said...

panjang lebar penjelasan Dayang....he he he...sajer nak menyibuk