How Has It Been?

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.
Saya minta maaf dari
hujung rambutku yang pendek ini ke
hujung kakiku yang pendek tapi lebar ini.
So how has it been so far? Ours have been so far so good. Beraya di perantauan wasn't as bad as I'd expected. Probably lebih meriah since Zufri has 10 nieces and nephews. Emma was an angel. She was very well behaved, even with very limited sleep.
First and second day was spent in Sungai Petani, the third and fourth day we went to Penang and the fifth day was spent making PLUS richer by about RM90.00. Hoho We started out at 10:00 am and reached JB at 6:30 agak-agak. Oh sangat pening menahan mengantuk.
But Alhamdulillah we made it safe and sound. Emma was manageable sahaja at this point. Not an angel OK. And now I'm blogging away at my step mom's crib in Singapore. Aku dan Emma saja ya. Pipi tak ikut pasal biasalah dia. Remaja. Zufri dan Pops tengah solat Jumaat ya. Nek Pah di depan menonton TV. Auntie Rani berjalan-jalan di luar mundar mandir trying to get everything settled barangkali.
Tomorrow I hear we're coming to Singapore again, but I don't think I wanna come lah. Hope to get everything (visit as much relatives as we can) done by today, because there's a birthday party tomorrow. See lah how.
Gambar raya will be uploaded as soon as I can.
Salam lebaran dari kami.

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