Spent the whole day lounging today. Watched the Michael Moore documentary on health care at lunch. A real eye opener. We Malaysians ought to count ourselves lucky that we can still afford free, if not dirt cheap health care. Maybe we don't need insurance, kan? Hehe.

Emma's sleeping now. Hahaha. Finally some me time. Yesterday she slept at 11! Because I wanted to watch Shark. Hehe. Woke up around 7 and Zufri took her in front to give me some shut-eye. Then she had her 30 minute nap around 11 and once more around 3. I guess the lack of sleep made her sleepy earlier today. And now the house is full of Zufri's friends watching the Liverpool game. Boring je aku takleh tengok TV. Nasib baik tau Emma dah tido.

So anyway, last Sunday, guess who came to my house?

Its Shikin! Hahaha. Now don't get me wrong babe, but remember when I asked you if you were serious about coming over? I seriously didn't wanna get my hopes up, but I couldn't help it lah. I was just so excited over meeting you again after what, 3 years? From an anak dara to a mak dara, OK. Tapi Alhamdulillah, everything went well save the fiancee drama. Not a big thing. Don't know how to react when we (your fiancee and I) finally meet. Great to see you again.

Tomorrow we're going back to Sungai Petani to send my Zufri's mom & grandma back. Malas sebenarnya, pasal tak kan nak balik hari. Gila? Harus cuti Isnin. Tak kisah sangat. Cuma hari Selasa aku dah cuti lagi pasal Emma ada check up di Hospital Putrajaya. Oh I guess I never mentioned that Emma has UTI. Kesian, kan? This will be the (what I hope to be) last check up regarding this infection. Insya Allah everything is fine.

Oh on a totally unrelated topic, I love Adam Lambert! I don't get Gokey (hate his condescending smirk) & Allison, I think Anoop's a charming guy, the others are bland. Papa hates Lil Round. Haha. I've never been a follower of Idola Amerika, but because of Adam, I find myself glued to the TV Wednesdays and Thursdays.

p/s: Bola dah habis, sekarang diorang pasal AF plak. Sheesh.


MELanies said...

woi..aku pun dtg.apsal tak mention? kecik hatiku.

ein asari said...

heheh,kan? still mcm surreal gitu that i finally come n meet u in person.. aku sgt gumbira.. and aku nak dtg lg.. bole? nak masak asam pedas... and sorry for being paranoid, anta mssg segala.. turns out lu di sp rupenye.. fuh.. and UTI tu ape?.. possible for emma(baby) to catch urinary tract infection ke? ces, sgt bizi bodi ok...

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