Crying game

I always have this sort of expectation on how I'm supposed to feel when something big happens to me. Examples:-

1st- I have always cried at weddings. Once, I attended a church wedding of mummy's friend's daughter and I cried. At both my sister's wedding I cried. So naturally I thought I'd cry at my very own, but no! Zufri did, though. Heh heh.

2nd-When I was pregnant, I cried watching Rachel giving birth. I even cried reading about birthing experiences. But did I cry when Emma was born? Hell no. I mean I did try, but if I did succeed it'd just seem so fake, kan? Haha so I went with my instinct and laughed instead and said "Hello (bukan nak kata Assalamualaikum hehe), do you remember me?". Did not shed a tear.

3rd-When Ujie said her heart broke and how she bawled her eyes out on her way to work the first time she left Maryam, I prepared myself for an all out tear fest. After all, I am (or perhaps used to be) a Drama Queen kan. But again, no. I actually felt (jangan bagitau Zufri tau!) quite relieved to be able to be on my own for 8 hours daily. But of course I can't wait to get home to be with her, but whatever. Haha kejam.

Yelah, lain orang lainlah ragamnya. But so you know, I REALLY wanted to cry at the 3 most important events of my life so far. Too bad they didn't happen. Hahaha. Happy Wednesday!

p/s : Wednesday is my most favourite day.


kuizikel said...

aha.. skali skala dpt 'escape' mmg best kan?

anster said...

cis, ko ibu yang kejam riri. meh, emily..duk dgn kak anies yang manies nie. nnt kakak hantar emily kat nursery bwh ni.

Anonymous said...

oh, kalau kita dapat lihat video bersalin yg membuat chandler dan monica freak out, mungkin leh nangis kot. ah ah.

peachy said...

zufri nangis ke waktu awak kawin? hehe..tak perasan pun!

Anonymous said...

Hohoho...ko memang kejam la wei...sib baik aku berjaya nangis di tiga2 kejadian hebat dalam hidup ini...eh tapi aku tak nangis lahirkan Maryam cuma nangis bila tengok Papa Maryam... hohohoho...

nannoor said...

aku nangis masa dpt tahu kena c-sect sbb frust.
aku nangis masa dgr suara anak aku for 1st time. x tau apesal. huhu
tp aku x nangis pun tinggalkan dia bila 1st time nk gi keja.
betul la sbb rasa cam lega ada masa utk diri sendiri.hehhehe
mlm td aku nangis sbb tasneem nangis jatuh katil (sekali lagi) and benjol kepala. uwwaaaaa..