My Baby You..

Well hello there, the one who still reads my blog. Hoho been quite some time eh? Come, let me tell you a story.

I had an antenatal checkup (my first ever there) at Putrajaya Hospital on Tuesday, 29th July. I was to be warded that afternoon and induced (paksa beranak) the next day, and if that doesn't work out then operate lah nampaknya. Now let me tell you, any inhibitions you might have just melt away when you're in the hospital for giving birth. They inserted prostin (ubat induce) into my erm tempat beranak not once, but three frickin times ok! And not just three prostins, but six! The first time was a shock, apatah lagi the procedure was done by a male doctor (tau2 je lah, tangan lelaki kan besar). The 2nd and 3rd times was better perhaps because I was used to it. When that didn't work, I was given not one, but two sweeps untuk mempercepatkan bukaan rahim. Ah, what is a sweep eh? A sweep is where they massage your uterus to make it soft. Seriously, depa masuk tangan godok2 dalam tu. Hahaha bodoh sungguh. Why lah am I telling this story..

That was on Wednesday and Thursday. Come Friday morning, they said yay! Let's break your waterbag! So diorang pecahkan air, I was wheeled into the labour room and at 12.51 little Almas Amelia was born.
Hehe Almas means Intan you know. Amelia means aspirasi. So my baby girl grows into a gem of a girl with high ambitions and hopefully the means to reach her dreams.

Here she is.

Precious, eh?


*anies* said...

EMILY JUGAK!!i dun care!hello baby!sayang makcik sket.muax.

HaNiE said...

Alahai, part godok2 yg membuatkan aku seriau ni, hik hik....
eloo emma!!

nannoor said...

wow....lebih kurang my episode with 3x prostin...but doc xnak take risk nak tunggu dilate plus aku pun ada bgtau doc nk baby 2006, soo zassssss...c-sect la jawapannye.
anyway, CONGRATES!!!!