My Birth Story - in a nutshell

The contractions began while I was strolling in Alamanda, timed them around 10 minutes apart. There was some bloody discharge when I checked in the toilet. I continued walking. Around 4 pm Zufri came to pick me up and off we went to Hospital Putrajaya. Terserempak dengan Dr.Hamidah who was just leaving, so she gave me a vaginal examination (VE) first.

2 cm dilated je daa. Chehs. They did a CTG and sent me off to the ward. Lama nak tunggu dapat masuk ward tu, nak buka puasa baru dapat bilik. Kesian kat Zufri, pasal aku dah buka puasa dah dalam kereta tadi.

So dinner came, I had to eat standing up due to the contractions. Around 9 the contractions got more intense and half an hour later I took a very long hot shower to help ease the pain, and it did make a difference. Lama jugak aku dalam shower tu.

The nurse came while I was showering and said that she'll come back at 11 for another dreaded CTG. So I got out of the shower, and immediately the contractions came hitting hard. I think it was around 5 minutes apart at that time, each lasting about 2 minutes. Oh. My. God. I was on the verge of tears by then, begging Zufri for an epidural. Zufri pulak dok bagi aku kata-kata semangat. Serius rasa macam nak tumbuk je muka dia.

As it turns out, I had given him a set of instructions. He reminded me that I told him no matter what, DO NOT LET ME GET AN EPIDURAL! Cheh. Nice timing to start listening. But I am thankful for that. And I am so thankful that Zufri was with me for the whole ordeal. I have no idea how I could go through labour alone.

By this time I'd tried all sorts of poses, from all fours to the child's pose lah, leaning over the food tray lah, sitting down lah, squatting lah, leaning over Zufri lah. Macam-macamlah. Then the nurse came for the CTG. I told her to just call the doctor to see how far along dilated I was before she did the CTG (if necessary). Nurse tu berkeras jugak nak suruh buat CTG 'because the doctor ordered for it'.

I didn't wanna lie on my back so I laid sideways, tak boleh detect heartbeat, kena baring jugak. 3 kali jugakla contraction time CTG tu, hampas betul. Then she like urgently called the doctor, and she said that I was already 9 cm, kita bersalin kat sini je lah. I said tak nak and so off we went to the labour room. Berlari-lari nurse tu tolak katil aku turun lif.

Sampai labour room at 11:55, waited for Zufri to arrive before I started pushing. I remember giving up a few times, saying tak boleh, tak boleh. Later I remember asking to just vacuum the baby out, mak tak larat. Finally the doctor gave me an episiotomy (cheh kena jugak) and at 12:29 am on Saturday the 20th of August 2011, I gave the final push and out came baby Aisha Zoeya, She Who Lives Life, all 3.85 kgs of her.

I cried when she came out, an experience I never had with Emma I think due to the epidural. I guess I was really on a high because the stitching up later was a breeze, didn't really feel the pain. It was over pretty fast too. I put her to the breast and she nursed for around half an hour. Or she just suckled. Whatever.

Rindu sangat dekat Emma masa ni. Masa aku call Emma (mintak tolong Kak Yen amek dia kat rumah Opah), mengalir air mata Zufri, kesian katanya kat Emma. Zufri memang garang dengan Emma, aku lebih toleransi, pasal tu Emma lagi sayang kat aku hehe chewah perasan.

So anyway there you go. Not really in a nutshell, huh? Apapun, syukur Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat dan tak perlu di induce (sepatutnya di induce hari Isnin, 22 Ogos). Dan syukur juga that I got to labour mostly in the room.


kuizikel said...

dengan penuh saspen baca citer ko ni..hehee.. alhamdulillah semuanya selamat dah.. comelnya baby... bam bam bam... rasa nak picit2..heheheh.. congrats intan,zufri n emma.. slamat hari rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

rawsktar said...

nak panggil apa ni? ZOE? ehehehe.

muka potostet lu sangat. i'll be thereeeeeeee.