Sardine Rolls

I've been craving for these rolls for quite some time now, so yesterday I finally googled them up. All that came up were the recipes, but most use either bread or those popiah pastry slices. Finally I came upon Kak Teh's blog that insists on making the dough with butter, not margarine! I took that as a sign that this was the right recipe to follow. I thought however, that her end product didn't look so pretty.

Sekali tengok mine was worse! Hahaha sabar je lah. Forgot about getting the pastry brush when I bought the rolling pin and the board, so I used my finger for the egg-wash. And the dough koyak rabak, because aku tak cukup professional.

Taste wise, I think I went a little crazy with the salt, but really, very delicious. Zufri didn't really care for it because sardines aren't his thing, but got some rave reviews from the visiting chef, Pipi (who made dinner, AND lunch btw, all while taking care of Emma!)

Two whole days of wholesome home cooked food. Ahh bliss. And a money saver too! And we had Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt for dessert semalam.

Haha rasa macam so positive and happy this morning. Maybe because its a short working week and its Friday already! Plus the Unifi installation is tomorrow! And I'm also picking up my new jubah tomorrow!

Hehe OTT pulak rasa. Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


ummi mien said...

wow baru beli jubah! jgn lupa tayang pic kat cni ye.

Peachy said...

OMG Im so jealous! I waited one whole year already to get UNIFI-ed. Lembap la dok bukit nih.
When is PP comin to my house for some wholesome home cooked food pulak?

dbalkis said...

Unifi..best tu...

Zufri said...

Quite nice, downloaded avatar blu ray quality, pegi OU jap, balik dah boleh tengok. Kelas. IPTV channels sedikit hampas. Mat would love ManU tv. Hehe.