Sorry babe, not just yet

Paparan di kaca handphone aku sejak semalam adalah :

(insert photo of ancient handphone)

Nampak tak?

(oopss sorry no photo of phone, so surely you can’t see it.)

Mari aku bacakan.

Tuesday : Hantar resignation letter
17:00 – 17:30
(Means Tuesday, 1st September 2009)

Zufri tengok handphone aku semalam and said sorry babe, not just yet.


Things ain’t going according to plan.


On a brighter note, tomorrow we’re leaving as soon as I leave the office, which means 5:30. The bag’s packed and is already in the car. Haha macamlah jauh sangat rumah aku dengan office, sampai tak boleh nak singgah kejap ambil beg.

Of course ini semua idea aku. Zufri couldn’t come up with a plan like this. Dia terlalu rigid mengikut schedule. Aku pula perlu a rough outline, and I’ll wing it when the time comes.

Oh, come visit my BIL at Pasar Ramadhan Kelana Jaya, Stall No. 222 (3rd stall from Tabung Haji side) and try the dadih(s). Delicious y’all! Especially the vanilla flavoured ones.

7 down, 23 to go!

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