I'm doing OK

Hey..3 minggu lamanya aku mendiamkan diri. I'm now in JB for the long weekend. Something major is happening tomorrow, and I'm pretty nervous about welcoming a total stranger into the family. Hopefully everything'll be fine.

Work's been the same. Can't complain. Can't praise, either. I don't feel I'm growing professionally. And I didn't get a pay rise or even a bonus. Sigh. Well at least I'm doing less job for more money, plus more time in the morning and after work, hee hee. Doesn't matter that I don't go out that much anymore.

I'm thinking of having a small get together with close friends for my birthday in two weeks, and I'm trying to think of a suitable menu. I'd welcome all kinds of suggestions, but preferably nothing like kari or asam pedas or gulai or anything like that because I truly suck at cooking food like that. I'd take ages, and something will surely go wrong. For dessert I can bake a cake and make some agar-agar. Maybe some alfredo for the main course and if nak local food, then sambal ikan ke, daging ke. Chewah. Ye ye je. Tengokla macamana. Apa-apa nanti aku inform korang ye.

So alritey then. Happy New Year and have a pleasant holiday!


Melanies_rockstar said...

aku nak pizza..or roasted chicken..or how about laksa penang?hahaha..alamak..lu dah buat 'small get together' ni..gua nak beli hadiah apa erk??damn.anything u have in mind?but jgn la mahai sgt psl i got to save for my Krabi trip.hahah.

peachy said...

oit..awat tak update?